Company Information


As a visionary effort by COOBE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (established in 2022 and registered as a Money Services Business (MSB)), OCTOQUANT Innovations Limited was founded in 2024, standing at the forefront of the cryptocurrency perpetual contract trading revolution. Our headquarters are located in Grimsby, UK, where we combine advanced quantitative strategies with unparalleled market insights to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

OCTOQUANT is on a mission to set new standards in the cryptocurrency market, aiming to exemplify innovation, security, and customer success. As a respected subsidiary of COOBE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, we possess a solid foundation of strong corporate governance and a pioneering spirit.


Our mission is to provide investors with sophisticated trading strategies that fully leverage the potential of the cryptocurrency market, ensuring security, transparency, and unparalleled service. Our vision is for every investor to navigate the cryptocurrency market with confidence and insight.


Our team is composed of professionals from the finance and blockchain sectors, jointly dedicated to the innovation of digital currency quantitative trading. Team members from various fields provide the company with diverse perspectives and specialized solutions.


COOBE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established, laying the foundation for OCTOQUANT's innovative strategy.


Collaborated with leading exchanges such as Binance and Bitget to enhance our trading infrastructure and security measures.


OCTOQUANT Innovations Limited was founded, introducing the revolutionary Octopus Strategy into the world of cryptocurrency trading.


Launched the OCTOQUANT Institutional version, providing investment institutions with seamless mobile trading.


OCTOQUANT's managed assets reached $10 billion, a milestone that validates the effectiveness of our strategies and the trust of our clients.