The core of the OCTOQUANT method is the Octopus strategy, which integrates 76 of the most effective strategies available on the market. This dynamic strategy adapts to market trends in real time, offering diversified and flexible trading solutions.

Time Model

Profit income: OctoQuant quantitative strategy will invest according to market fluctuations, and the daily income can reach 2%-3%.

Commission Cycle Minimum Amount Daily Income
3H 10 USDT 2%~3%
5H 10 USDT 2%~3%
7H 10 USDT 2%~3%
12H 20 USDT 2%~3%
16H 20 USDT 2%~3%
24H 20 USDT 2%~3%

Commission Income

Every user can apply to become a broker, an equal and free development model!

Level Rule Ratio
LEVEL 1 Directly Invited Users 10%
LEVEL 2 Users invited by LV1 6%
LEVEL 3 Users invited by LV2 5%
LEVEL 4 Users invited by LV3 2%
LEVEL 5 Users invited by LV4 1%